Web Design FAQs

Designing a website is a multi-stage process that begins with brainstorming and ends with testing and tweaking. Graphic design, user experience (UX) design, front-end and back-end development, and a host of other related skillsets are all needed.

You can trust that your web design project will go off without a hitch when you work with Minnesota Design Studio. We value open communication with our clients to fully grasp their wants and objectives, since we know that each project is different and has certain prerequisites.

At the outset of any project, we investigate the company, audience, and rivals of the customer. This data is used into the design and development phases to better serve the customer and the end users.

Our next step is to design the website’s structure and interface using wireframes and mockups. The customer then has the opportunity to study the finished design, offer input, and request any required changes.

Once the design is finalized, we will begin coding utilizing cutting-edge web development tools to make sure the site is completely functional, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly. To make sure the website is bug-free and works efficiently, we also do quality assurance and testing.

We keep our customers in the loop at all times, giving them progress reports and asking for their input to make sure the final product is up to par with their requirements.

We here at Minnesota Design Studio are dedicated to meeting all of your web design needs with our professional services. We’re here to make sure everything goes well with the web design process, so you can focus on operating your business.

What does a website cost?

The majority of websites will typically cost around $1500 for Minnesota Design Studio to develop. However, this cost can vary depending on the specific requirements and features of the website. If you’re interested in building a website, it’s recommended that you give Minnesota Design Studio a call or send us an email to get a more accurate estimate. We will ask you a series of questions to understand the nature of the site, the type of interactivity it will have, your graphic design requirements, and any other specific features you may want to include. With this information, we’ll be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate for the cost of the website.

It’s important to keep in mind that the cost of a website can vary greatly depending on the complexity and functionality of the site. A basic website with a few pages and simple design may be on the lower end of the cost range, while a more advanced website with custom features and interactive elements may be on the higher end. Additionally, the cost of website development can also be affected by the choice of platform and content management system. However, regardless of the specific cost, Minnesota Design Studio will work with you to ensure that the website meets your needs and budget.

It’s also good to have in mind that website development is not only a one time cost, there are also recurring costs such as hosting, domain name and maintenance. These costs should also be considered when planning to build a website. Minnesota Design Studio could help you with a projected cost that takes all of these factors into account.

Do I need a website for my company?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having a strong online presence is essential for success. The internet has become the go-to place for consumers to search for products and services, and businesses that lack an online presence risk missing out on potential customers. A website can offer a wide variety of benefits for small businesses, such as increased visibility, credibility, and accessibility.

A website can provide potential customers with important information about your business, such as your products and services, hours of operation, and contact information. This makes it easy for them to find what they’re looking for and can even serve as a valuable resource for existing customers. Furthermore, a website can provide a platform for lead generation, allowing businesses to capture contact information for potential customers and helping to turn visitors into paying customers.

Additionally, having a website can help to expand a business’s reach, connecting with customers from all over the world. As more and more people use the internet to shop, research and make buying decisions, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a strong online presence. Investing in a website for your business is an investment in its future and will help to ensure that your business stays competitive in today’s digital landscape. By building a website with a strong, appealing, brand-building, lead-generating online presence that makes a good impression on visitors and encourages them to take action, you will position your business for success in the digital age.

Do I need to pay for the whole website project upfront?

At Minnesota Design Studio, we understand that investing in a website can be a significant financial commitment for small businesses. To make the process more manageable, we offer a flexible payment option that allows you to pay half of the total cost up front and the other half after the website is completed.

This payment plan allows you to get started on your website project without having to come up with the full amount of money upfront. It also gives you the security of knowing that you will only have to pay the remaining balance after the website is completed and you are satisfied with the final product. Additionally, it works as a way of guarantee for us, as we know that the client is committed to the project as well.

At Minnesota Design Studio, we believe in transparent and fair billing, so the cost of your website will be clearly outlined and agreed upon before any work begins. Our team of experienced designers and developers will work closely with you to understand your business needs and create a website that is tailored to your specific requirements.

With our half up front, half after completion payment plan, you can rest assured that your website will be completed to your satisfaction, while also allowing you to manage your cash flow. By choosing Minnesota Design Studio, you’ll get high-quality website design and development services at a price that works for your business.

Do we need to have a face-to-face meeting to begin the website project?

At Minnesota Design Studio, we understand that in today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s not always necessary to meet face-to-face with clients. That’s why we have adapted our processes to allow for a flexible approach to communication. We have found that most of our interactions with clients are via phone, email, or video calling services like Zoom and Teams.

We make an effort to communicate with some of our international clients via phone, email, and video calling. This allows us to work with clients from all over the world and provide them with the same high-quality service that we offer to clients in our local area.

We take pride in promptly responding to messages and emails to avoid holding up conversations and delaying any decision-making on project-related issues. This helps to keep the project on track and ensures that our clients’ needs are being met in a timely manner.

That being said, we also understand that face-to-face communication can be beneficial, especially when discussing complex design and development decisions, it is important to establish trust and build a good relationship with the client. And we are open to having face-to-face meeting if needed. For the clients that are located in our area, we can arrange to meet in person at our office or at a location that is convenient for them.

At Minnesota Design Studio, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible service, and that includes making sure that we are communicating effectively and efficiently. We’re dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations, regardless of where they’re located or how we’re communicating.

Will I be able to make website changes myself or will you do it?

At Minnesota Design Studio, we believe that our clients should have complete control over their websites after they have been established. That’s why we urge our clients to manage their own websites, and we provide them with the tools and training to do so.

All of our websites are built on WordPress, which is a popular and user-friendly content management system (CMS). WordPress is easy to learn, and we’ll make sure you know how to utilize it before we pass over the website to you. You’ll be able to make updates to your website yourself, including adding new pages, creating blog posts, updating images, and more.

In general, we anticipate small updates within the first 30 days after launch, which will be free. This is to give you some time to adjust with the website, see if there is anything you want to change, or fix small issues that might arise. We’ll be there to help you and assist you during this period.

For updates after the first 30 days, our hourly rate is $35/hour. However, we won’t nickel and dime you on updates – if you need something simple like an address or phone number changed, we don’t charge you. We understand that small updates are a regular part of website maintenance and we’re happy to help with these at no extra cost.

At Minnesota Design Studio, we want to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with their websites and that they have the tools and knowledge to manage them effectively. We believe that giving our clients control over their websites is the best way to ensure their long-term success.

Will you be providing me with website mockups?

At Minnesota Design Studio, we understand that the design of a website is a crucial aspect of its success. That’s why we take the time to create detailed website mockups as an important step in our design process.

A website mockup is a visual representation of what the final website will look like. It includes all of the elements of the design, such as the layout, color scheme, and typography, and it gives you an idea of what your website will look like before it’s built.

Once we show you the website mockups, we’ll work with you to come to an agreement about the design of your website. We’ll take your feedback into account and make any necessary revisions to the mockups until you are completely satisfied with the design.

We know that creating a website can be a collaborative effort, that’s why we like to get our clients involved in the design process from the very beginning. We want to make sure that you’re happy with the design and that the website meets your expectations.

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied with the mockup, so our team will work with you to refine the design until you are completely satisfied. This way, we ensure that we’re on the same page and that we’re building a website that meets your needs and represents your brand in the best way possible. By providing website mockups and working with you to perfect the design, Minnesota Design Studio guarantees that you’ll be completely satisfied with the final product.

How many changes may I ask for my custom website design?

At Minnesota Design Studio, we understand that the design of a website is a crucial aspect of its success, and we want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your website design. That’s why we offer unlimited changes to our website mockups, so you can be confident that the final design will be exactly what you’re looking for.

When we provide website mockups, you can be assured that we will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the design. Whether you want to make a few small tweaks or make significant changes, we’re happy to work with you until you’re happy with the design. Our goal is to create a website that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We will work closely with you to understand your business needs and create a website that is tailored to your specific requirements. We’ll make sure that the website design is not only visually appealing but also reflects your brand, values, and goals.

We understand that the design process can be a collaborative effort, that’s why we like to get our clients involved in the design process from the very beginning. We want to make sure that you’re happy with the design and that the website meets your expectations.

Our unlimited changes policy means that you can be confident that we’ll work with you to create a website that you’re completely satisfied with. With Minnesota Design Studio, you can be sure that you’ll have a website design that you’re proud to show off to the world. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, we will be more than happy to help you.

Who writes the copy/text for each of the pages on the website?

At Minnesota Design Studio, we understand that the text or “copy” on a website is just as important as its design. The words on your website are what communicate your message, values, and goals to your visitors. That’s why we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to provide the copy for your website, and that it accurately reflects your business and its goals.

As the website’s owner, you are ultimately responsible for writing the copy for your website. However, if you don’t feel comfortable writing it yourself or don’t have the time, we can provide a content writer for an additional fee. Our content writers are experienced in creating effective and engaging website copy that will help your website visitors understand your business and its mission.

Alternatively, if you have already written the content for your website, we will be happy to place it on the website for you. Our team is experienced in integrating the copy and design to create a cohesive and visually appealing website.

Having great copywriting on your website is essential for creating an effective and engaging user experience for your visitors, and it will help your website to rank better on search engines. We want to make sure that your website is as effective as possible, whether you’re writing the copy yourself or having it written by one of our content writers. By working with Minnesota Design Studio, you can be sure that the copy for your website will be a key part of the success of your website.

What format should I use to prepare and send you my content?

At Minnesota Design Studio, we strive to make the logo design process as smooth and efficient as possible. One of the ways we do this is by using Microsoft Word documents as our preferred method of receiving client content and materials. This is because Word documents are easy to manipulate and allow us to quickly copy and paste text paragraphs into our coding program if necessary.

To ensure that your project runs smoothly and to reduce delays, it’s best to send your content and materials in a digital format. If the content is handwritten and needs to be scanned and emailed to us, it will take more time to type it out.

When it comes to photos, we can work with a wide range of formats including JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF and TIFF. These are just a few examples of the file formats that we can accept, but if you have content or photos in other formats, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to work with you to find a solution. And we can work with you to convert them into the formats we support.

When will you start working on my custom web design?

At Minnesota Design Studio, we understand the importance of getting your custom web design project up and running as quickly as possible. That’s why we make it a priority to begin working on your project as soon as we receive your design request and a 1/2 payment.

As soon as we receive your design request and 1/2 payment, our team will begin the process of gathering information about your business and your design needs. We will review your design request and 1/2 payment and confirm that we have all the necessary information to start working on your project. We will also discuss and finalize the timeline and deliverables for your project and any specific requirements you have.

After that, we will start creating the wireframe, mockups, and then later the final design, which will be provided for your review and feedback. Once you approve the design, we will proceed with development, quality assurance, and testing. And finally, we will deploy and make sure that the website is fully functional before it goes live.

At Minnesota Design Studio, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality custom web designs that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. By starting on your project as soon as we receive your design request and 1/2 payment, we can work to deliver your new website as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How long does it take to design a custom website?

At Minnesota Design Studio, we understand that each website project is unique and has its own set of requirements and timeline. However, on average, it typically takes around 7-10 days to finalize a new custom website design. This timeline includes the initial consultation, gathering information, creating wireframes and mockups, finalizing the design, and getting final approval from the client.

Once the design is finalized and approved, our team will begin the coding process. This typically takes another 7-10 days to complete. During this stage, we will write and implement the code for the website, ensuring that it is fully functional and responsive. They will also perform quality assurance and testing to ensure that the website is free of bugs and runs smoothly.

It’s important to note that the timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the amount of content, and the client’s availability for feedback and approvals. We will work closely with you to establish a timeline that fits your schedule and allows for a smooth and efficient process. Our team will also keep you informed about the progress of the project at all times, so you know what to expect.

At Minnesota Design Studio, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality custom website designs that are completed on time and within budget. By providing an average timeline of 7-10 days for finalizing the design and another 7-10 days for coding, we can ensure that you’ll be able to launch your new website quickly and efficiently.

Do you provide web hosting services?

Minnesota Design Studio does not provide hosting services for our clients. While some web development companies may claim to offer web hosting as part of their service, it is important to be cautious when considering such offers.

Real web hosting companies, like GoDaddy, Bluehost, or Hostgator, have large data centers that are staffed by hundreds of employees, and are equipped with triple power redundancy and 24-hour security staff. They also have specialized teams for customer support that is available 24/7.

When a local web developer claims to also host websites, it’s likely that they are acting as a middleman for a real web host. This can lead to a marked-up cost of hosting, as well as potential delays in resolving issues, because you will have to go through them instead of dealing directly with the host.

Additionally, if you ever decide to move your website to a different hosting service, it could be difficult to extract your site from the relationship with the web developer who is acting as your host.

It is generally recommended to separate the hosting service from web development, so you have more control and options over the hosting services and you can have access to different level of hosting packages.

Can I see how many visitors I have to my website?

Yes, it is possible to track the number of visitors to your website. One popular way to do this is by using a service like Google Analytics. Minnesota Design Studio can set up a free Google Analytics account for you, which will automatically record information about your website’s visitors. This includes details such as how many people have visited your site, how long they stayed, which pages they viewed, and where they came from.

With Google Analytics, you can also track various other data points like the percentage of new vs returning visitors, geographic location of visitors, which keywords brought the visitors to your site and so on. This information can be very valuable in understanding the performance of your website and identifying areas for improvement. For example, if you see that most of your visitors are coming from a certain geographic location, you might decide to target your marketing efforts in that area.

Google Analytics is a free service, but it requires adding a tracking code to your website. Minnesota Design Studio can assist you with the setup and implementation of the tracking code, and we can also provide guidance on how to use the analytics dashboard to understand and interpret the data provided.

It is worth noting that you can use other web analytics tools as well, such as Matomo, Piwik, and so on. And you can also implement tracking codes for more than one analytics tools for your website.

We at Minnesota Design Studio want to express our sincerest gratitude for taking the time to consider us for your next website design project. We understand that there are many options out there and we truly appreciate your interest in our company.

We specialize in creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites that effectively communicate the unique identity of your brand. Our team of experienced designers and developers are dedicated to understanding your needs and creating a website that not only looks great, but also aligns with your brand’s message, goals and values. We focus on modern design, responsive layouts, and easy navigation, ensuring that your website will look and function great across all devices.

We would love the opportunity to work with you and create a website that will set your brand apart and make a lasting impression on your audience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to see some of our past work. Thank you again for considering Minnesota Design Studio for your next website design project.


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