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Developing A Branded Logo

When you think of a brand, often the first thing that comes to mind is the logo, the visual representation of that product, place, thing, or business. The aim of the design process is to make the logo immediately recognizable. The power of simplicity for these marks can never be underestimated—a logo that comprises simple shapes can communicate a stronger message than a complex logo, leaving a lasting impression in a viewer’s mind.

If you are promoting a company on the web, a good logo is a vital ingredient: It helps you communicate a lot about your business to a website visitor in a fraction of a second. From the font to the color, the aesthetic components of a logo hugely impact how customers perceive your company. When people see your logo, they can immediately rate various elements of your business in their minds.

Some of these elements include:

  • Level of professionalism
  • Ability to create or innovate
  • Enthusiasm for your product
  • Level of traditionalism
  • Attention to detail
Logo Design

When it comes to your website, it’s more important than ever to at least have a logo to identify your business, if not a logo for each of your products too!

Do I need a logo for my company?

A logo may be a small thing but if you make it memorable in a customer’s mind, it is you that will stick in their mind when they’re looking for your product or service.

Your logo will establish your corporate identity and credibility. It builds loyalty among your clients and employees. You invest in your brand image every time your logo is displayed on a web page or in any advertisement. A professional designed logo enables you to immediately recognizable and must be unique, memorable and simple. Such a logo will become one of your most valuable corporate assets over time.

How do I ensure it is suitable for printing?

The best way to ensure this is to make sure you receive a CMYK version and/or a spot/Pantone color version. CMYK means that the design is broken down into four standard colors- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, Pantone is where the design is broken down into three colors or less. Both of these will allow the design to be achievable in many different media types, but Pantone will always be more consistent.

Why do I need a professional designed logo?

If a logo is created with the use of a clipart (premade graphic elements from the public collections) it may look like or be identical to other logos and even your competitors’ logos. This will make identification off your company difficult, or your logo may be easily mixed up with a logo of another company.

When an owner of a company decides to create a logo themselves, the results are that it rarely looks professional. You have just a few seconds to attract the attention and to make a good first impression. In many ways first impression depends on your logo. Successful marketing of your business starts with a successful corporate identity.

What does the logo color say about my business?

Yes, colors do matter. They communicate feelings and emotions. The represent ideas and thoughts. Make sure you select the right colors to communicate a personality that accurately represents you and your business.

Following are some generally accepted principles of color and the emotions they evoke. Keep them in mind when selecting colors to represent your business.

White/Silver: purity, truthfulness, faith, contemporary, refined, wealth
Black: seriousness, distinctiveness, boldness, power, sophistication
Blue: authority, dignity, security, faithfulness, heritage, trust
Brown/Gold: history, utility, earthiness, richness, tradition, conservative
Gray/Silver: somberness, authority, practicality, corporate mentality
Green: tranquility, health, freshness, stability, appetite
Orange: fun, cheeriness, warm exuberance, appetite, speed
Pink: femininity, innocence, softness, health, youth
Purple: sophistication, spirituality, wealth, royalty, youth, mystery
Red: aggressiveness, passion, strength, vitality, fear, speed, appetite
Yellow: youth, positive feelings, sunshine, refinement, caution, appetite

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