Responsive Web Design

These days, it’s uncommon to find someone without both a computer and a phone. More and more people are buying and utilizing smartwatches, iPads, headphones, and even eyeglasses as digital titans spread their reach. Your website must be readable, load quickly, and be easy to navigate across all of these platforms.

Together, we can make a website that excels in every respect. You can keep your material fresh for years to come without ever learning how to code. In the end, it’s your website, and as such, you should be in charge of everything that happens there.

Responsive Web Design

Engage your audience on all devices with a responsive web design, optimized for seamless performance and user accessibility.

Why Responsive Web Design?

Internet use on mobile devices surpassed that of desktop computers in 2016, and the share of total online traffic coming from mobile and other non-traditional computers is growing quickly. About 10% of Americans rely only on their mobile device for internet access since they do not have access to a PC or fast WiFi at home or at the office. Users under the age of 35 may favor mobile-only access. Furthermore, most of us use many devices to access the web during the day, and we want a consistent experience regardless of which device we use.

Fortunately, this is where Responsive Web Design can help out. That way, you may utilize the same content for both desktop and mobile customers. Smartphone users are not discriminated against by having access to content or services. Even if a user begins their session on one device and concludes it on another, they will still get the same great experience.

The Responsive Design Solution

There was also the option of using the phone’s built-in web display functionality, which shows a scaled-down version of the full web page. They can also scroll horizontally or vertically to view additional content or examine finer details. However, this option is not satisfactory in any way. As an alternative, you might build a mobile site that only works on mobile devices for people who are always on the go. Even though Responsive Web Design is replacing dedicated mobile sites, many companies and services are still using them. For this reason, Google gives preference to responsive sites that use a single URL over separate mobile versions.

Recommended By Google

Responsive design sites utilize the same HTML across all devices and have a single URL, enabling Google to crawl, index, and organize content more efficiently. On the other hand, a separate mobile site requires Google to crawl and index multiple copies of the same site because it has a different URL and HTML from its desktop version.

One Website, Many Devices

When a customer switches from mobile to desktop, they will have a positive user experience because they will see the same site on their desktop as they saw on their smartphone. However, if the site is a dedicated mobile site, this user will become annoyed by having to find the desktop version of the site and search for the product again.

Easier To Manage

Having a desktop and mobile site necessitates distinct SEO operations. It is considerably easier to manage one site and one SEO campaign than two sites and two SEO efforts. In conclusion, this is a fundamental advantage a responsive website provides over a separate mobile site.

Why Choose Minnesota Design Studio For Your Project?

When you work with Minnesota Design Studio, you get limitless modifications on your website’s design, which isn’t offered by every web design company. When you choose for a bespoke design, you’ll receive something really unique. After you’ve approved the look of your homepage, we’ll send you prototypes for the internal pages. That includes any changes we want to make to the design. We’ll wait until you’re completely satisfied with your new custom design before we begin coding.


We stand behind our results 100% and are confident you will be satisfied with what we can create for you.


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