Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is a design and production approach that allows a website to be comfortable viewed and used on all manner of devices. The core principle is that all devices get the same HTML source, located at the same URL, but different styles are applied based on the viewport size to rearrange components and optimize usability.

Why Responsive Web Design?

In 2016, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage. The percentage of web traffic that comes from devices other than desktop browsers is steadily increasing. For roughly 10% of Americans, a smartphone or tablet is their only access to the internet because of lack of access to a computer or high-speed WiFi at home or work. Younger users may be mobile-only by choice. Furthermore, the vast majority of us access the web from a number of platforms (phone, tablet, computer) over the course of the day, and expect to have a similar experience using your content regardless of how we access your website.

That’s where Responsive Web Design fits in. With one source, you ensure that mobile visitors receive the same content as other visitors (although it might be organized differently). Users are not penalized with stripped-down content or features just because they are using a smartphone. And for visitors who might start using your site on one device and finish it on another, you can ensure a consistent experience.

Responsive Web Design

This is an example of how a website might appear on a smartphone, tablet and laptop, but it is important to keep in mind that these sites are designed to work well on every screen width in between.

The Responsive Design Solution

One solution was to rely on the phone’s built-in web display functionality. By default, most mobile devices display an entire web page shrunken down to fit on whatever screen space is available. Users can pinch to zoom into the details and scroll around to various parts of the page. While that technically works, it is far from an optimal experience. Another approach was to create a separate mobile site just for small screens and people “on the go.” There are still many companies and services that use dedicated mobile sites, but in general these sites are going away in favor of Responsive Web Design. As a result,¬†Google is helping the process along by favoring responsive sites with single URLs over mobile versions.

Recommended By Google

This is because responsive design sites have one URL and the same HTML, regardless of device, which makes it easier and more efficient for Google to crawl, index, and organize content. Contrast this with a separate mobile site which has a different URL and different HTML than its desktop counterpart, requiring Google to crawl and index multiple versions of the same site.

One Website, Many Devices

If the website is responsive, a customer will have a positive user-experience when transitioning from mobile to desktop because they will view the same site on their desktop as they did on their smartphone. On the other hand, if the site is a dedicated mobile site, this person will become frustrated with the fact that they have to locate the desktop version of the site, and find the product all over again.

Easier To Manage

Having a separate desktop and mobile site requires having separate SEO campaigns. Managing one site and one SEO campaign is far easier than managing two sites and two SEO campaigns. In conclusion, this is a key advantage a responsive website has over a separate mobile site.

Why Choose Minnesota Design Studio For Your Project?

One of the things that sets Minnesota Design Studio apart from most other web design companies is because we offer unlimited design revisions with every custom website project. Choosing a custom design means that you receive a one-of-a-kind, original design created from scratch (no template used whatsoever). Once you are fully satisfied with your homepage design, we will provide design mockups for the interior pages. This also includes our unlimited design revisions. We want to make sure you love your new custom design before any coding is done.

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