WordPress, a premier blogging tool, has evolved over the years to become an amazing choice for websites. Many large companies with thousands of website visitors per month use WordPress for their entire website, not just the blog area.

Traditional websites of yesteryear were like a baseball catcher’s glove. The only thing you could do was to make the pages of your website and sit and wait for traffic to come your way. With WordPress, you are now able to push content from your website as well as to receive it from traffic sources.

The most important reasons to use WordPress for your website include

  • Google loves WordPress. When WordPress is set up properly, no website software will transport your content to Google’s search results faster.
  • It’s easy to customize. WordPress is open source software, which me that you can modify and enhance its functionality, with some PHP programming and the addition of preprogrammed plugins to extend featurs.
  • It’s easy to learn. If you can write a letter in Microsoft Word, you can
    add, change, or delete content in a WordPress website.
  • It’s easy to support. You’ll find a vast sea of WordPress experts who are available to easily jump in to fix a problem.
  • It’s popular and free. Because of its popularity and free open-source nature, WordPress can be quickly activated at no charge, other than the price of a standard Linux hosting account, at most major hosting companies. That way, you will have ownership of your website, which is vital to your success.


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Sibley East Elementary

I would highly recommend MN Design Studio, Ross was committed to our project and was great to work with.  He was attentive to our ideas and he created a design that is awesome.  We painted it on the center of or gym floor and it looks amazing.

Mari Lu Martens
Sibley East Public Schools
Gaylord, MN

Always Gets The Job Done For Us

Ross always gets the job done for us. I have asked a lot of Minnesota Design Studio and they always come through on or before their promised dates. I would highly recommend their services.

Darin Carlson
Mankato Packaging
North Mankato, MN