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Choosing the Right Colors for Your Website

Website visitors react to color more than you might realize. That reaction can mean the difference between a visitor buying a product online with con­fidence versus a person being blinded by ghastly color combinations and hitting the Back button in less than three seconds. If you don’t have a web designer chosen yet, make color options a point of discussion before hiring that helper. We all make decisions daily based on the colors we see, so color should be an important component of your website’s design. Considering what colors convey Here is a summary of how most people interpret and react to colors: Blue (the most popular) suggests honesty, trustworthiness, calming, and loyalty. Black displays authority, sophistication, power, elegance, and technical prowess. White symbolizes purity, peace, and youth: neutral and clean. Red excites with passion, energy, and excitement. Pink suggests innocence, softness, and sweetness. Green invites feelings of nature, growth, and regeneration. Dark green however, implies wealth and conservatism. Yellow is optimistic and cheery, yet can come across as too dominating if overused. Purple is associated with wealth, sophistication, and mystical, spiritual tones. Brown is genuine, although it often emotes sadness. Orange conveys happiness, freedom, creativity, playfulness, and confidence. Gold… Read More »Choosing the Right Colors for Your Website

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