Social Media

Create a Fan Page on Facebook

A dedicated Facebook fan page for your business allows you to provide fans with your company overview, website, contact information, press releases, videos, pictures, company news and status updates. You can also interact with your fans by responding to comments they post to your fan page, as well as through other social networking tools made available through Facebook. Steps to Create a Fan Page on Facebook Goto Select the appropriate category type and subcategory from the drop-down menu. Name your new Facebook page. Click to verify you are authorized to build your Fan page. Click Create Official Page Change your picture to reflect your new Facebook page. Click a profile selection and edit it to reflect your new Facebook page. Click Done Editing Save Changes Suggest your page to Facebook Friends. Once you publish a Facebook fan page to promote your business, you must actively promote it. Unlike Facebook profile pages that allow you to easily build your friends by “friending” others, Facebook fan pages require that uses elect to join your page.

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